About Us

A Little About Us…

Hello, my name is Eric Srisavaththay and I already know what you’re thinking…holy cow that’s a long last name! Lots of silent letters to make it more complicated than it is. You can just about imagine me when I was a little kid learning how to spell my last name…then I had to do it in cursive. If you ever make that decision to call me, you can just ask for Eric:)

I am absolutely in love with my wife Amy, and our son, Liam. They make my world go round. My favorite thing to do with my family is believe it or not, Shopping. Amy and I love to shop, especially for movies! You should see our Blu-Ray collection. Its pretty amazing. Our idea of a great date night is going out to eat, and then scouring the department stores like Target and Walmart and even the pawn shops for great deals on Blu-Rays! (Note: Never pay full price for a movie and buy used copies! and if they are new, wait till they go on sale:)

Ok random facts about me: My ethnicity is Lao (Lao is a land-lock country between Vietnam and Thailand), Michaelangelo is my favorite ninja turtle. I have a superman tee shirt. I’m an Iron Chef…not really but I make a mean Mongolian Beef. I love eating Jell-O after a day of shooting a wedding…so refreshing. I find stock trading to be interesting but would never have the guts to invest. I’m a PC, not MAC. I love the guitar and piano. I play when I can but can really never find time to play anymore. My couch is awesome. Random enough? More to come I promise.

I have never been happier with my life than where I am now. I feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life and I love that. I guess that is why I love photography so much. Whether Im shooting a wedding, baby portraits, or seniors…I feel like I get to capture a start of someone’s chapter, and that is such a wonderful feeling for me.

I am such a sap for the little moments people don’t get to see, or stop to notice. Like an adoring look a women gives her man when he’s not watching, or how a couple forgets that the camera is watching and gets completely lost in each other. For me, those are the moments that are the best and those are the reasons why I do… what I do.

I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to visit and getting to know me a little bit better. Photography is such a personal experience for me and I strive to make that experience part of yours. Please feel free to make yourself at home on our site and contact me with any questions you may have. Whether, it’s setting up a consultation or just a question, I will be looking forward to giving you a wonderful, and personal experience. Take care.