Southwest Florida Photographers, Englewood, Fl

Engagement Styles


At Xquisite Photography, we employ three different styles of engagement session which we will go in further detail below.  Those styles are Photojournalistic Engagements Photography, Assisted Engagement Photography and Blended Engagement Photography.  The style used will depend on the couple and what they are comfortable with.  Some do a great job at forgetting the presence of the camera and some need guidance and are not comfortable with showing emotion on the camera.  What ever the client is comfortable with, we can be sure to use a style that will compliment their love for each other.



This style of engagement photography requires the least amount of direction from the photographer.  This style is where we let our clients get lost in each other and start being themselves, showing affection or laughing at each other from being silly.  This style offer beautiful candid shots capturing the truth of love without interference.  Some of the best shots come from this style engagement session. We simply stand back and capture the interaction between the couple. Although effective, we understand that a couple may want some direction from the photographer.  In that case we provide, the Assisted Engagement Photography.



This style of engagement photography consist of more involvement from the photographer.  They will give direction on where to look, how to stand, where to sit etc..  This style best suits a couple who is not necessarily comfortable with showing affection and acting natural when there is a camera present. In this case the photographer will get a feel for the couple and how they are and come up with some locations, and will suggest certain spots and poses and have more of a traditional session.



At Xquisite, we prefer Blended Engagement Photography.  This is a combination of Photo-journalistic and Assisted Photography.  Both styles offer beautiful images and benefits.  We feel like an engagement session should have a combination of traditional poses as well as fun and romantic candids.  We like to start off with doing Assisted Photography to get our clients comfortable with being in front of the camera. After a while, almost everyone we work with magically forgets that the camera is even there.  This is where the images become more beautiful and meaningful.   We take the time to get to know our clients during the engagement session so we can anticipate the beautiful moments between the two, on their wedding day.