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How to Look Like a Pro Photographer…not Really.

How to Look Like a Pro Photographer?  I love looking pro…just like the next guy.  A big ass 70mm-300mm zoom lens with the big lens hood attached to make it look bigger than it is.  Yes. Size matters:).  This lens is also attached to my Canon 60D with a battery vertical grip to make the camera body look bigger too!  I not only have one of these cameras…I have TWO! and they all are attached to me via a four point harness.  Slap on my Flash head in broad daylight and I’m ready to go:)    At this point, I look badass…pretty badass.  Yep, I love looking pro when I’m shooting.  This might sound all funny to you, but whats funnier is there are people who look like this. All. The. Time.  Especially at zoos, malls, park, doctor’s offices etc.

On a serious note, I only look like this when I’m actually working for a paying client that deserves nothing but the best of me and my talents.  I need all that stuff because it all serves a purpose when you are getting paid for your work. Outside of this,  I choose my phone or my small Nikon J1 Mirrorless camera to capture special moments to that make up my life.

There is a time an place for everything and believe it or not, you wanna be photographers…leave your big ass camera at home:)  At the end of the day, all that matters is that you try to capture those moments with whatever you got.  Don’t be too caught up in ISO, shutter speed yada yada. 20 years from now, no one is really gonna care what kind of camera you use.

So, the point of all of this?  The best camera to use, is the camera you have on you…even if its your phone.