Before You Hire Family

A Fictional Story Based on Real Events While the names and locations in this story are fictional, it is based on real and unfortunate wed[...]

Photography Misconceptions

1. A Brief Overview There are many misconceptions regarding photography and photography equipment. We often hear questions like, “How many [...]

Wedding Day Tips

1. ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS Engagement photography sessions are wonderful for many reasons. Engagement photography not only provides you with [...]

Wardrobe and Make Up Guide

We will have specific recommendations depending on the location you choose. However, we want you to wear clothing that showcases your personal[...]

Engagement Styles

YOUR UNIQUE ENGAGEMENT SESSION At Xquisite Photography, we employ three different styles of engagement session which we will go in furthe[...]

Photographic Style and Format

1. WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALISM Wedding Photojournalism is a story telling style of wedding photography that involves minimal involvement on t[...]

Choosing Your Photographer

1.  WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A PHOTOGRAPHER Choosing Your Photographer is very important.  Photography is much more than the type of camera you have o[...]